3 Steps All Marketers Must Take To Be Successful In Digital Marketing As the CEO of a digital marketing agency that promotes a wide range of products and services to a diverse clientele across the country — from small businesses to Fortune 500s, we have seen it all. When we meet with clients to discuss their marketing strategy, the most-asked question we get is: "How does digital marketing work?" Businesses often know the results they are looking to achieve and which platforms they are trying to break into but lack insight into how to go about doing that.  Successfully getting started in digital marketing can be broken down into three simple steps that can help a business stand out and compete with giants in the field.  Step 1: Learn. The first job of a good digital marketer is to understand a client's long-term plan for their business. This includes being able to answer the following questions: What are the company's objectives? Understanding the company's bus

Donald Trump's social media platform hacked just hours after it was announced, reports say

Hackers gained access to a private version of former President Donald Trump’s recently announced   social media platform  and posted images of defecating pigs, expletives and more,   according to   multiple reports  The hackers, affiliated with the hacking collective Anonymous,  told The New York Times  that the move was part of their “online war against hate.”   Using a false account dubbed “donaldjtrump,” the hackers posted the photos of the pigs, wrote profane rants against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and made a fake account for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, according to multiple reports. The hackers also posted memes from fake accounts for Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and others.    “We had a fun time trolling it to high heaven,” Aubrey Cottle, a hacker affiliated with Anonymous, told The New York Times.   Cottle told  multiple outlets  that the group picked up clues after the site, named Truth Social, made its app available for preorder on Apple’s App Store earlier thi